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In all cases EIA must have a completed and Signed Rental Agreement Form before any shipment of equipment. Terms: Fee begins the day of shipment or pick-up and ends the day the equipment is received back at our facility. Payment is due at end of rental period and not final until inspection of returned equipment. All open accounts for rental equipment are due upon receipt of invoice. Shipping charges are not included in rental price. All equipment rentals are subject to availability.

Detail of Terms:

  • Although our rental Agreement States that our fees begin from day of pick-up or shipment --- in most cases we will not charge the day of shipment. (All Equipment Picked-Up or shipped from our facility and returned same day will be charged for the day).
  • We will charge through the day of return on all equipment not received by or before 10:30a.m.
  • All Shipping Charges are additional cost and not included in the rental price. Shipping Charges will be determined based on UPS or Federal Express Charges for every shipment of both out going and incoming shipping cost. EIA will pre-pay out going shipping and add to rental. Upon request EIA can pre-pay and add for return shipment as well.
  • Equipment is not considered returned until we receive back at our facility. Customer or Distributor is responsible for both timely and safe return of equipment and must add insurance accordingly with shipper.
  • Rental Agreement must be signed and dated before any equipment is shipped.
  • We will place a hold on the credit card given to us to cover the stated rental period and a minimum security deposit. The credit card will be run for total amount due at the end of rental period along with all shipping, consumables, documentation, repairs, taxes, and other items as may apply.
  • All questions on equipment or training issues must be communicated to EIA via email or phone. We also enclose with all equipment a business card with cell number for any emergency calls.

NOTE: Units are normally available within 24 hours, however we cannot guarantee availability at time of request. Please allow sufficient lead time when possible.

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